Optimizing Application Performance

systecon_computersWe’ve had some interesting results lately when testing large Opus Suite models on various hardware configurations that have resulted in Systecon offering custom and semi-custom hardware solutions for clients depending on their Opus Suite use cases. We’ve encountered LORA models with more than 10K repair alternatives, SIMLOX models with more than 1000 individually tracked items over a 50 year period, and more. In designing hardware solutions capable of meeting acceptable run times we’ve tested more than 50 different configurations before deciding on our current “standard” and “advanced” offerings. Our baseline offering runs on an Intel X99 chipset motherboard with a Windows10 installed on a 500GB M.2 drive (found to be 20% faster than a SATA SSD) with 128GB of RAM. We chose high end eight-core i7 processors that are significantly overclocked allowing for multi-threading in next version of SIMLOX. Our “advanced” offering offers dual Xeon processors & 512GB of RAM running Windows Server 2012. We’ve noticed significant performance improvements (run times cut 30-40%) over standard workstation and server offerings from HP or Dell. We’re offering these solutions to existing Opus Suite users at very affordable prices. Contact me for more information or a demonstration of how much faster your predictive analytic solutions could run.